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Destination Moon (1950) was a Science Fiction - Adventure Film directed by Irving Pichel and produced by George Pal.

Academy Awards 1950 --- Ceremony Number 23 (source: AMPAS)

Best Art DirectionArt Direction: Ernst Fegte; Set Decoration: George SawleyNominated

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Destination Moon (1950)

By Beatrice on Jul 14, 2015 From Flickers in Time

Destination Moon Directed by Irving Pichel Written by Alford Van Ronkel, Robert A. Heinlein and James O’Hanlon from a novel by Heinlein 1950/USA George Pal Productions First viewing/Amazon Instant Turgid story but still an interesting insight on how space travel was envisioned about 20 ye... Read full article

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Jim Barnes: Say, Doc, the ship's about ready to take off, isn't she?
Dr. Charles Cargraves: Except for tests and minor adjustments.
Jim Barnes: Well, what's the next favorable time?
Dr. Charles Cargraves: About a month from now.
Jim Barnes: No, I don't mean that. What's the next favorable time this month?
Dr. Charles Cargraves: [checking the calendar] The only favorable time this month is about 17 hours from now.
Jim Barnes: All right, that's it then. We take off in 17 hours.
General Thayer: Are you out of your mind?
Jim Barnes: I will be, if we run into any more red tape! Now look, there's no law against taking off a spaceship: it's never been done, so they haven't got around to prohibiting it. If we ask for permission, they'll find a way to block us. So we go now, as soon as we can!
General Thayer: In an untested ship?
Jim Barnes: How do you test a thing of this kind? It either works or it doesn't.

General Thayer: On the Moon! Jim, Doc, we're on the Moon!
Joe Sweeney: And we're alive - holy cow! General, the next time you tell me you can get to the Moon, I'll believe you!

[after stepping onto the Moon's surface]
Jim Barnes: Claim it, Doc! I'm your witness - claim it officially.
Dr. Charles Cargraves: By the grace of God, and the name of the United States of America, I take possession of this planet on behalf of, and for the benefit of, all mankind.

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The effects of acceleration is shown by the way the actor's faces distort. According to a magazine article this was done by gluing thin strips of flesh-colored fabric on their faces. The fabric was in turn tied to fishing line which was passed through the "acceleration couches" and pulled by crew members to stretch the skin.
The panoramic view of the lunar scenery was a Chesley Bonestell painting 13 feet long, mounted on wheels and rolled past a stationary camera. To make the stars appear brightly luminous, 534 holes were punched in the painting and illuminated from behind.
This marked the first time that Grace Stafford (cartoon producer Walter Lantz's wife) did the voice of Woody Woodpecker.
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Best Art Direction Oscar 1950

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Also directed by Irving Pichel

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