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Cloak and Dagger (1946) was a Romance - Adventure Film directed by Fritz Lang and produced by Milton Sperling.


An American scientist goes undercover for the O.S.S. in Lang's WWII tale of romance and espionage. Professor Alva Jesper travels through Switzerland and Italy to free a colleague who has been kidnapped by the Nazis and is being forced to construct an atomic bomb. While pursuing his spy duties, the American falls in love with the lovely Italian partisan who has been brought in to help him on his mission.

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Cloak and Dagger (1946)

By Beatrice on Feb 7, 2015 From Flickers in Time

Cloak and Dagger Directed by Fritz Lang Written by Albert Maltz and Ring Lardner Jr.; original story by Boris Ingster and John Larkin 1946/USA Warner Bros./United States Pictures First viewing/Netflix rental This is not one of Lang’s more memorable films but it still looks awfully good. The... Read full article

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According to the book 'The Films of World War II' by Joe Morella, Edward Z. Epstein and John Griggs (1973), "This film is significant because of its attitude and treatment of the subject of nuclear weapons...In the version seen by the public the film ends with Gary Cooper completing his mission, rescuing the Italian scientist and accompanying him back to the Allies. He leaves Lilli Palmer behind him but it is implied he will return for her after the war. Director Fritz Lang has said that in the original ending the scientist dies on the plane and the British and U.S. secret service men must further pursue the Nazis. From a photo left by the scientist they surmise that the Nazis have an installation in Bavaria. They find the site has been abandoned and there is dialogue to this effect: 'Probably the plant is in Argentina now - or somewhere.' Lang has stated that the final fadeout had Cooper walking out of the abandoned cave seeing an American soldier. The sun is shining, birds are singing and Cooper says, 'This is the Year One of the Atomic Age and God help us if we think we can keep this secret from the world, and keep it for ourselves.' According to the director, the entire fourth reel was cut and probably doesn't exist any longer. He assumes that Warners cut his ending because it was too soon after the bombs had been dropped on Hiroshima
This movie's opening prologue states: "This picture has been inspired by the amazing achievements of the OSS the Office of Strategic Services, but no part of it is intended as a portrayal of actual events. The story, names, characters and events depicted are wholly fictitious. If there is any similarity between them and any persons living or dead, or any events which may have happened, it is entirely coincidental."
Anti-atomic bomb dialogue was removed before release.
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