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Carousel (1956) was a Musical - Drama Film directed by Henry King and produced by Henry Ephron.


Time (and a spectacular new Broadway staging) has been kind to the memory of this widescreen, deluxe Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. MacRae brings a blustery energy to the role of Billy Bigelow, an ill-fated carny barker. The troubled soul finally settles down with a good woman (Jones), and then gets killed during a robbery. But the angels are merciful and Bigelow returns to Earth to make good with his wife and daughter. The Broadway musical was based on a Molnar play, Liliom. In 1930, Frank Borzage produced a screen version starring Charles Farrell. Fritz Lang filmed a French version in 1935 (his first film after fleeing Nazi Germany), which starred Charles Boyer.

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Carousel (1956)

on May 21, 2014 From Journeys in Classic Film

Either Oklahoma! set the bar so high I’m unable to watch the other Rodgers and Hammerstein movies in their proper context, or there’s just several?subpar shows which were adapted to film. ?The King and I, for all the problems I had with it, held my interest in the areas of set design and... Read full article

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Billy: [singing] Longing to tell you, but afraid and shy / I let my golden chances pass me by. / Now, I've lost you / Soon I will go in the mist of day / And you never will know / How I loved you / How I loved you.

Billy: I couldn't get work, and I couldn't bear to see her... to see her...
Starkeeper: You couldn't bear to see her cry? Why don't you come right out and say it? Why are you ashamed you loved Julie?
Billy: I ain't afraid of anything. Look, if I can't go back, just say so.
Starkeeper: I didn't say you couldn't go back.
Billy: No, but you didn't say I could, either. You're just trying to make me sweat.
Starkeeper: No. I'm just trying to figure out what good you could do if I let you go back. You know... your daughter's down there. She's unhappy, she needs help.
Billy: My daughter? My baby is a girl? My-my baby's a girl?
Starkeeper: She isn't a baby anymore. She's fifteen years old.
Billy: And she ain't happy, huh?
Starkeeper: No, she ain't, Billy. You know, she's a lot like you. I think maybe that's why you could help her.
Billy: Can I see her from here?
Starkeeper: Sure, you can, if you want to.
Billy: If she ain't happy, I don't want to look.
Starkeeper: Right now, she appears to be having a fine time. There she is, running along the beach there, got her shoes and stockings off.
Billy: Like I used to do, huh?
Starkeeper: Yeah. Do you want to take a look at her?
Billy: What do I have to do to see her?
Starkeeper: Just look, and wait, and the power to see her will come to you.

Carrie Pipperidge: [singing] When I marry Mister Snow / The flowers will be buzzin' with the hum of bees / The birds will make a racket in the churchyard trees / When I marry Mister Snow.

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The musical "Carousel" was adapted from Ferenc Molnar's 1909 play "Liliom". Instead of the original Budapest setting of Molnar's play, Richard Rodgers (music) and Oscar Hammerstein II (book and lyrics) transformed the story's location to a New England fishing village.
Richard Rodgers always considered "Carousel" his favorite score, even though it didn't generate the number of popular hits that some of the other shows he produced with lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II did.
Although this film was publicized as being filmed and shown in CinemaScope 55 (a wider-than-usual, 55 millimeter, 6-track stereo system), it was only shown in standard 35mm CinemaScope. However, a 6-track version of the soundtrack had been made in addition to the standard 4-track version, and it was a 6-track dub which was used in the film's premiere. See also The King and I.
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