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Brute Force (1947) was a Film Noir - Drama Film directed by Jules Dassin and produced by Mark Hellinger and Jules Buck.

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The Men of Brute Force (1947)

By shadowsandsatin on Nov 27, 2013 From Shadows and Satin

Brute Force (1947) takes place in a men?s penetentiary and focuses on a group of cellmates who plan and execute a prison break, driven primarily by their desire to escape the torturous treatment of a sadistic guard. ?The cellmates, who are continuously tormented and dehumanized, find solace only in ... Read full article

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Muggsy: [Looking up at the prison drawbridge] I was once married to a dame like that.
Hodges: What are you talkin' about?
Muggsy: Wonderful structure. But up in the air most of the time.

Cora Lister: [Flashback scene: Tom Lister is in his prison cell, recalling how he had given his wife Cora an exquisite fur coat] Tom... oh, Tom! It's the most beautiful thing in the whole world!
Tom Lister: It belongs on you.
Cora Lister: [Putting the coat on and admiring herself dreamily in the mirror] It makes me feel so... I don't know... like I was "somebody." Oh, Tom...
Cora Lister: [Suddenly coming to her senses] Where'd you get it? Where'd the money come from? Where'd you get it!
Tom Lister: Cora, I stole the money. I juggled the books and took three thousand dollars.
Cora Lister: You? You STOLE? Why?
Tom Lister: Darling, the way we were going, you wanting things - things you ought to have - and me strapped all the time... we were heading for a split-up. Don't you see? I just had to do it.
Cora Lister: All my life, the one thing I've really wanted is a fur coat. I CAN'T give it up. I WON'T, Tom!
Tom Lister: No, darling...
Cora Lister: But what if something should happen?
Tom Lister: Nothing that happens could matter, unless I lost you...
[Loud, ominous knocking on door is heard, returning the scene back to Tom's prison cell]

Gallagher: It'll only make things tougher for everybody else.
Joe Collins: I don't care about everybody else.
Gallagher: That's cemetery talk.
Joe Collins: Why not, we're buried, ain't we? Only thing is, we ain't dead.

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When the Group Theater (1931-1940), the first American acting company to attempt to put the Russian Stanislavski's principles into action, disbanded many of the actors who had participated in its revolutionary realistic productions on Broadway ("Awake and Sing" "Waiting for Lefty") made their way to Hollywood in search of work;, Roman Bohnen ("Warden"), and Art Smith ("Dr. Walters") - all of whom can be seen in this film. As many of the actors in The Group were members of the Communist Party or leftist organizations, they would soon be blacklisted during the HUAC period along with the director of this film, Jules Dassin. In 1946, a year before the release of this film, Elia Kazan, one of the members of The Group Theater who named names, happened to be in Hollywood and saw a production of one of Tennessee Williams's early plays "Portrait of a Madonna" directed by Hume Cronyn - who plays the sadistic Capt. Munsey in this film. Kazan was so impressed by the work of Cronyn's wife, Jessica Tandy, that he offered her the role of Blanche Dubois in his Broadway production of "Streetcar Named Desire."
Film debut of Howard Duff.
When Munsey is beating the reporter for information on the escape, he plays the overture to Wagner's "Tannheuser". Perhaps a reference to Hitler's love of Wagner.
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