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Bride of Frankenstein (1935) was a Horror - Science Fiction Film directed by James Whale and produced by Carl Laemmle Jr..


A sequel that surpasses the debut of the classic Frankenstein (and predecessor to The House of Frankenstein, 1944). Having escaped the fiery castle that threatened to engulf him at the end of the 1931 horror classic, the monster is back. And he's better than ever - more civilized, more human. He's even learned to speak a few words. Henry Frankenstein, the monster's creator, tries to put his evil ways behind him. But Dr. Pretorious draws him back into the mad-scientist business by convincing Henry that he knows what the Monster really needs - a mate (Lanchester). The original Variety review noted that 17 minutes were deleted from the film between the 90-minute preview print and the 73-minute release version. Consequently, some cuts of the film may run as long as 90 minutes. Frequently missing from prints of The Bride of Frankenstein are the murder of the burgomaster by Frankenstein's Monster and pieces of the prologue featuring Lanchester as Mary Shelley. The burgomaster sequence is often cut because of the negative light it shines on the Monster. The Bride of Frankenstein was remade in 1985 as The Bride, with Sting as Frankenstein and Jennifer Beals as the Bride.

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Bride of Frankenstein was inducted into the National Film Registry in 1998.

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Quotes from

Karl: Whataya say, pal, let's give ourselves up and let 'em hang us. This is no life for murderers.

Karl: The kites! The kites! Get 'em ready! He wants the kites!

[repeated line]
The Monster: Friend, friend.

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Facts about

The musical soundtrack for this film proved so popular, it was used again in the Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers serials starring Buster Crabbe.
Editing after previews resulted in the loss of a subplot in which Karl imitates the Monster's murderous modus operandi to eliminate his miserly aunt and uncle and direct the blame away from himself.
Elsa Lanchester never receives on screen credit as "The Bride". The character is listed as being played by "?".
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National Film Registry

Bride of Frankenstein

Released 1935
Inducted 1998

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Also directed by James Whale

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Also produced by Carl Laemmle Jr.

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