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Adventures of Red Ryder (1940) was a Western - Adventure Film directed by William Witney and John English .

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Red Ryder: Chapin doesn't even take a drink unless Hanlon tells him to.
Colonel Tom Ryder [Ch. 1]: If I only knew what was behind all this burning and shooting, I'd know how to fight.
Red Ryder: If you ask me, Hanlon's behind it. He always wanted rustlers rather than honest men around him.
Colonel Tom Ryder [Ch. 1]: Something more than that, son. Someone big is behind all this... someone mighty big.
Red Ryder: Well big or little, let's smoke him out and put a rope brand on his neck.
Colonel Tom Ryder [Ch. 1]: Oh, somebody will swing for it all right. When the time comes, we'll let the Territory buy the rope. We'll use ours for working cattle.

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Cy Feuer used the beginning of Stephen Foster's "Oh, Susannah" as Red Ryder's theme. He then worked other Republic music in with that theme. Part of "Oh, Susannah" was even whistled by Little Beaver to signal Red.
Red Ryder was originally a character called Bronc Peeler; the name Red Ryder was a registered trademark, administered by a firm called Red Ryder Inc. that protected the trademark and oversaw any use of that character in other media than the original comic strip. The company ceased operations in the 1960s.
Chapter Titles: (1) Murder on the Santa Fe Trail (Certificate #6170); (2) Horsemen of Death (Certificate #6171); (3) Trail's End (Certificate #6172); (4) Water Rustlers (Certificate #6173); (5) Avalanche (Certificate #6174); (6) Hangman's Noose (Certificate #6175); (7) Framed (Certificate #6176); (8) Blazing Walls (Certificate #6177); (9) Records of Doom (Certificate #6178); (10) One Second to Live (Certificate #6179); (11) The Devil's Marksman (Certificate #6180); (12) Frontier Justice (Certificate #6181).
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