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Ace of Aces (1933) was a Drama - War Film directed by J. Walter Ruben and produced by Merian C. Cooper and Sam Jaffe.

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2nd Lt. Rex 'Rocky' Thorne: [looking at medals] For the glory of my country. Tell me, Nancy: are these worth forty-two dead men? Are they worth one dead man?
Nancy Adams: Oh, Rocky.
2nd Lt. Rex 'Rocky' Thorne: I knew the answer once. I was sure of it. Why did I forget?
Nancy Adams: We all forgot it, Rocky.
2nd Lt. Rex 'Rocky' Thorne: Most of us never knew. We never realized. But I thought I did. And then I forgot--forgot everything in the game of killing.

Nancy Adams: You've changed. You're so different. Is this what the war has done to you?
2nd Lt. Rex 'Rocky' Thorne: Wasn't this what you wanted?
Nancy Adams: I didn't know. I spoke of the glory of war. I know now. The mud, the filth, the suffering, the agony, the poor, helpless, dying boys.
2nd Lt. Rex 'Rocky' Thorne: It isn't muddy up where I am. When death comes, it comes swiftly and cleanly. Ah, it's a grand war. I only hope the next one is half as good. I used to think I could take clay and mold it into the semblance of a living thing. The closer it came to being alive, the greater my glory. The power of life is more than that, Nancy. Life--life for myself as I control my plane. And then death, swift and final in the squeeze of my fingers.
2nd Lt. Rex 'Rocky' Thorne: You can't do that with clay, Nancy.
Nancy Adams: Then all that you said about saving yourself for something better--
2nd Lt. Rex 'Rocky' Thorne: Did I say that? Forget it. Why, this is a great war, and I'm having a grand time. It's all grand, every minute of it. Thirty-three planes shot down. Decorated by a French general. My picture in the papers. The idol of the allies, the hero, the great war ace. Pursued by women. Boy, I wouldn't have missed this for anything. You did me a great favor that day in the studio.
2nd Lt. Rex 'Rocky' Thorne: Me and my ideals for humanity. Ha! Why, I might still be back there slaving, trying to express myself on some remote conception of art.
Nancy Adams: Please, Rocky!
2nd Lt. Rex 'Rocky' Thorne: Come on, Nancy. Don't try to make me feel sorry for myself, because there's nothing to feel sorry for.

Nancy Adams: Rocky, you're making me ashamed of you. Nobody believes you're sincere and honest about what you say.

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Also directed by J. Walter Ruben

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Also produced by Merian C. Cooper

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Also released in 1933

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