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711 Ocean Drive (1950) was a Crime - Film Noir Film directed by Joseph M. Newman .

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711 Ocean Drive (1950)

By 4 Star Film Fan on Nov 1, 2023 From 4 Star Films

It serves the filmmakers to begin with an opening crawl about how organized crime tried to halt production of the movie, and they would have succeeded too if not for the bravery of the police on set. Whether or not it’s true, it plays as easy publicity for the film to feed off of. Today it fee... Read full article

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Mal Granger: Time wounds all heels.

Chippie Evans: You've sure got the angles, Mal. If it was anybody but Vince he'd give you part of the take.
Mal Granger: He'll cut me in, Chippie. I've got him by the short hairs right now.

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"Boulder Dam" is actually Hoover Dam. Congress authorized the Boulder Canyon Dam Project in 1931 and, it being traditional to name big federal dam projects after the sitting President, named it Hoover Dam. Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated Herbert Hoover in 1932 but could not officially change the name set by Congress. Harold Ickes (FDR's Interior Secretary), however, issued a memo directing that his employees "...will refer to the dam as 'Boulder Dam' in this pamphlet as well as in correspondence and other references...." In 1947, after Roosevelt and Ickes had died, Congress passed a resolution to "restore" the name of Hoover Dam. Until that time, however, all official, tourist and other promotional materials called it "Boulder Dam." The public's recognition with the old name was still apparent in the movie (released in 1950) through the script and the highway signage seen en route.
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Also directed by Joseph M. Newman

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Also released in 1950

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