Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda

John Lennon wrote "She Said, She Said" about an acid trip he'd been on during which Fonda kept telling him, "I know what it's like to be dead, man".

2000: Inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Fame.

Accidently shot himself in the stomach when he was 10.

According to a story in the book version of "The Beatles Anthology" (1995), John Lennon wrote the song "She Said, She Said" after meeting Peter at a party and listening to him go on and on about his near-death experience in which he accidentally shot himself in the chest. The song lyric "I know what it's like to be dead" is supposedly what Peter kept telling everyone. John says he altered the song title and lyrics from "He Said" to "She Said" in order to hide the fact that he'd based the song on Peter.

At age 6, broke his back while attending boarding school.

Born at 12:09pm-EST.

Broke his back twice in motorcycle accidents.

Brother of Frances (Pan) Brokaw and Amy Fonda.

Educated at the University of Omaha.

Ex-brother-in-law of Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden, and Ted Turner.

Father of Bridget Fonda and Justin Fonda.

Father-in-law of composer Danny Elfman.

Godfather of his daughter Bridget Fonda is Larry Hagman.

He joined the Omaha Playhouse and appeared in their production of "Harvey." Then, he went to New York and became an apprentice at the Cecilwood Theatre. A year later, he was on Broadway in "Blood, Sweat and Stanley Poole." Next, he went to Hollywood to test for the role of John Kennedy in PT 109 (1963).

He was a mentor at the 2nd annual HatcH audiovisual festival in Bozeman, MT. HatcH is a film and arts festival that focuses on mentoring and inspiring student, independent, and up-and-coming filmmakers and artists. He also attended to present the Spirit of Montana HatcH award to Johnny Depp, who was unable to attend. Fonda was the 2004 recipient of the award, which celebrates actors and filmmakers who have mentored and inspired young and aspiring artists and actors.

His father-in-law was Noah Dietrich, Howard Hughes's confidant for over thirty years.

Smoked marijuana on-camera in the film Easy Rider (1969).

Son of Henry Fonda and Frances Ford Seymour.

Stepson of Shirlee Fonda.

Turned down the role of Oliver in Love Story (1970), despite being offered 10% of the gross.