John Davidson

John Davidson

Attended White Plains High School, graduating in 1959. Voted Best Looking in high school yearbook.

He met his current wife, Rhonda Rivera, while doing his daytime talk show "The John Davidson Show" (1969). Rhonda was the lead member of his back-up singing trio of ladies known as "Blush". Together, they have one daughter, Ashleigh.

He was nominated for a 1974 Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Guest Artist for his performance in "Oklahoma!" at the Arie Crown Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.

He was the headlining performer at the Beverly Hills Supper Club, in Southgate, Kentucky, on the night of May 28, 1977. At approximately 9 PM that night, a fire began to rage through the club, eventually resulting in the deaths of 165 people. It was the second worst club fire in American history. John, fortunately, was not harmed.

His father was the minister that married 'Dick Clark (I)' and his wife Kari.

John's daughter, Jennifer (age 27), is a professional ice skater. His son, John Jr. (Age 30), is an entrepreneur. [2000]

Member of Delta Upsilon fraternity.

Was model for RCA portable televisions.