Jean Acker

Jean Acker

Her marriage to Rudolph Valentino lasted less than six hours.

In 1923, she toured in vaudeville with a sketch called "How She Won the Sheik," exploiting her connection to Rudolph Valentino even though they were divorced.

Many years after Rudolph Valentino's death, Jean confided to her friend, actress Patricia Neal, that the reason she left Valentino on their wedding night was because he had confessed to her that he had gonorrhea.

She enjoyed collecting fashion templates.

She visited Rudolph Valentino on his death bed and brought him a ruffled white linen bedspread that she had embroidered herself, and a pillow cover with "Rudy" embroidered in each corner.

She was an expert horsewoman who once portrayed a jockey on-screen.

She was at one time the lover of Alla Nazimova and Grace Darmond.

She was part Cherokee.

She was said to be engaged to a marquis from Madrid, Spain in 1923.