Jay Novello

Jay Novello

Began his career on the stock stage in the Chicago area.

His immense comedic talents did not go by unnoticed, especially by Lucille Ball. She used Novello frequently on her classic TV shows "I Love Lucy" (1951) and "The Lucy Show" (1962). Especially memorable in a classic episode entitled "The Seance" in which he plays prissy, overwrought Mr. Merriwether who is trying to contact his dog that passed away, Tillie.

Interred at San Fernando Mission Cemetery, Mission Hills, California.

Little Italian-American character actor with big talent, especially when it came to playing a variety of nervous, shady-like foreigners.

One Daughter with Rose, named Yvonne Ann (Romano) Harscher.

Taught to speak Italian before learning English; later spoke fluent German and Greek.