Ford Sterling

Ford Sterling

Harold Lloyd called Sterling "the funniest man in movies".

As a boy he ran away from home to join John Robinson's circus.

Began his career as a circus clown.

He was actually quite handsome in real life, but in the Keystone Kops and Mack Sennett shorts that he appeared in, he would disguise his true appearance with glasses and a goatee, as well as fake eyebrows.

Off screen pseudonym: Albert Williams

Owned a villa in Nice, France.

Performed on Mississippi River show boats.

Raised German Shepherds, Scotties, and Persian cats.

Was an accomplished photographer, painter, sculptor and cartoonist.

Was called "the best dressed man in Hollywood".

Was Chief of the original Keystone Kops.

Was considered one of America's leading artistic photographers by critics on both sides of the Atlantic.

Would travel yearly to England to buy clothes.