'Clifford Odet''s original script had Elvis Presley's character committing suicide at the end of the film. This was screened for a preview audience, who were horrified, and the ending was changed.

Elvis Presley dated Tuesday Weld in the 1950's.

Elvis Presley didn't attend the film's premiere.

Elvis Presley was called back, to California, to re-do the movie's final scenes. The original filming, final scenes were thought as below class, by the director, or producer.

Simone Signoret turned down the role of Irene Sperry.

Millie Perkins broke her arm when, according to the script, she had to slap Elvis Presley in the face.

An alternative ending was shot, but not used.

Average Shot Length = ~7.7 seconds. Median Shot Length = ~7.4 seconds.

The song "Husky Dusky Day", sung in the movie by Elvis Presley and Hope Lange, was unreleased for years and appeared on an official record only in the 1990s.

The songs "Lonely Man" and "Forget Me Never" were recorded by Elvis Presley for the movie but not used.

There's a deleted scene where Glen (Elvis Presley) sings "Lonely Man" in the garage - part of this scene was used in the trailer for the film.