'W. C. Fields' recreates his famous vaudeville juggling routine with the cigar boxes.

At the end of the opening cast credits, there is "Also Cast of the original "DRUNKARD" Company." However, since the earliest production of "The Drunkard" premiered in New York City in 1843, the production referred to was undoubtedly the one in Los Angeles which premiered on 6 July 1933 at the Little Theatre Mart and ran for several years. The Cast list for the Los Angeles production is not available.

One of over 700 Paramount Productions, filmed between 1929 and 1949, which were sold to MCA/Universal in 1958 for television distribution, and have been owned and controlled by Universal ever since.

The sheriff serving McGonigle the writ comes from New Philadelphia. Philadelphia was Fields' home town, a city he reportedly detested.

When McGonigle first sees Cleopatra, he says "Who's the old squgelum over there?" "Squigelum" is a Fields nonsense word. He would use it again in "Never Give a Sucker an Even Break" to describe the kissing game he teaches Ouliotta Hemogloben.