Betty Grable, using the pseudonym Ruth Haag (which combined her middle name with that of her husband Harry James), performed as vocalist for Harry James and His Music Makers on the best-selling commercial disc, released by Columbia Records, of the movie's Oscar-nominated ballad, 'I Can't Begin to Tell You' (music by James V. Monaco, lyrics by Mack Gordon).

Jenny Dolly, Rosie Dolly, and Harry Fox were real people.

20th Century Fox planned to team Betty Grable with Rita Hayworth for a follow-up film about another legendary vaudeville sister act, the Duncan Sisters. But plans for the film were soon abandoned after Columbia Pictures head Harry Cohn refused to loan Hayworth (riding high off her success in Gilda) out to her former studio and when producer George Jessel ran into legal trouble with the real life Duncan Sisters.

The real Rosie Dolly actually loaned her own scrapbooks to Twentieth Century-Fox for research on this movie.

Twentieth Century-Fox originally planned to have Alice Faye and Betty Grable star in this movie. However, Miss Faye, becoming weary of musical roles, declined to team again with her "sister" from Tin Pan Alley.