Balloons were flown to extreme altitudes in Projects Manhigh and Excelsior, starting shortly after the film debuted. In the latter, then-Captain Joseph Kittinger successfully completed a jump of 103,000 feet, free-falling for more than 4 minutes with only a small drogue chute, something similar to a kite's tail, to prevent him from spinning. Despite suffering severe bruising from the extreme low pressure trauma experienced at that altitude (similar to "sea" level on Mars), and frostbite from the extreme cold (almost 100F below zero) Kittinger was none the worse for his dangerous adventure.

Guy Madison's normally-hairy chest was completely shaved for his two "beefcake" scenes with co-star Virginia Leith.

John Hodiak died suddenly one morning just before he headed to the set to film one of his final scenes for this film. He suffered a heart attack.

This was the second aviation movie to be filmed, in part, at Eglin Air Force Base in the Northwest Florida Panhandle - Twelve O'Clock High was the first - but the 1955 appearance in nearby Fort Walton Beach of Guy Madison never generated the same level of interest as Gregory Peck had, according to 1955 coverage in the Playground News.