"Lux Radio Theater" broadcast a 60-minute radio adaptation of the movie onApril 6, 1942, with Pat O'Brien reprising his film role.

Priscilla Lane was cast as a girl back home. The part was cut before shooting.

William Gargan was originally cast as John Wynn.

Charles Trowbridge is in studio records for the role of "Chaplain Holmes", and although the character is mentioned, he never appears. A modern source includes several cast members who never appear: Sol Gorss (Soldier), Creighton Hale, Benny Rubin, Eddie Acuff, Jack Mower, Nat Carr and Jack Wise.

Actual archived war combat footage was used in the film, as was footage of soldiers marching through the Arch of Triumph.

Film debut of Herbert Anderson.

Finnish censorship certificate # 31757 delivered on 27-4-1950.

Warner Bros. built on Providencia Ranch, California, an exact duplicate of Camp Miles, a training camp in Long Island, New York.