Joan Crawford was Fred Astaire's very first on-screen dance partner.

Fred Astaire wore his classic top hat and tails this film, his first.

Fred Astaire's movie debut. Though he was reported to have appeared years earlier in the silent film Fanchon, the Cricket, he and his sister Adele only visited the set; they did not appear on camera in that one.

Ted Healy is actually credited as 'Ted Healy and His Stooges,' but because the Stooges are also credited individually later (as Stagehands), he is listed just as 'Ted Healy'.

Debut of the classic song, "Everything I Have Is Yours." Later the title and song were used for a musical film starring Gower Champion and his wife, Marge.

Eve Arden (as Eunice Quadens) appears in the theatre lobby yelling at her agent about auditioning for "the southern part."

When Franchot Tone reads the program for the play, the cast listed therein includes the real names of all the performers except Joan Crawford, whose character name is listed. Even the chorus girls are listed by their real names.