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10 People Died On January 31

Julius Hagen


Julius Jacob Kleimenhagen
Born in 1884 in Hamburg, Germany
Died on Jan 31, 1940 in London, England
Fan Favorite Films: The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes,

Florence Bates


Florence Rabe
Born on Apr 15, 1888 in San Antonio, TX
Died on Jan 31, 1954 in Burbank, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Saratoga Trunk, The Moon and Sixpence, Slightly Dangerous, A Letter to Three Wives and I Remember Mam

James Cardwell


Albert Paine Cardwell
Born on Nov 21, 1921 in Camden, NJ
Died on Jan 31, 1954 in Hollywood, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Them!, A Walk in the Sun, Voice of the Whistler, It Happened on Fifth Avenue and Fear

Elizabeth Patterson


Mary Elizabeth Patterson
Born on Nov 22, 1875 in Savannah, TN
Died on Jan 31, 1966 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Words and Music, Colonel Effingham's Raid, Together Again, Dinner at Eight and Love Me Tonight

Samuel Goldwyn


Schmuel Gelbfisz
Born on Aug 17, 1879 in Warsaw, Poland
Died on Jan 31, 1974 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Real Glory, Whoopee!, Wuthering Heights, Ball of Fire and The Best Years of Our Lives

George Abbott


George Francis Abbott
Born on Jun 25, 1887 in Forestville, NY
Died on Jan 31, 1995 in Miami Beach, FL
Fan Favorite Films: The Pajama Game, Damn Yankees,

Evelyn Scott


Evelyn Scott
Born on Apr 20, 1915 in Brockton, MA
Died on Jan 31, 2002 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: I Want to Live!, Back from the Dead, Peyton Place: The Next Generation,

Michael Tolan


Seymour Tuchow
Born on Nov 27, 1924 in Detroit, MI
Died on Jan 31, 2011 in Hudson, NY
Fan Favorite Films: John and Mary, Hour of the Gun, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Fort Worth and The People Against O'Har

Lizabeth Scott


Emma Matzo
Born on Sep 29, 1922 in Scranton, PA
Died on Jan 31, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, Pitfall, Easy Living, Dark City and Dead Reckoning

Carleton Carpenter


Carleton Carpenter
Born on Jul 10, 1926 in Bennington, VT
Died on Jan 31, 2022 in Warwick, NY
Fan Favorite Films: Father of the Bride, Summer Stock, Three Little Words, Two Weeks with Love and Take the High Ground!

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