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7 People Died On February 7

Walter Kingsford


Walter Kingsford
Born on Sep 20, 1881 in Redhill, England
Died on Feb 07, 1958 in North Hollywood, CA
Fan Favorite Films: A Yank at Oxford, If I Were King, Naughty Marietta, The Story of Louis Pasteur and A Tale of Two Cities

Nick Adams


Nicholas Aloysius Adamschock
Born on Jul 10, 1931 in Nanticoke, PA
Died on Feb 07, 1968 in Beverly Hills, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Hook, Pillow Talk, Giant, Invasion of the Astro Monster and Sweet Smell of Success

Walter Lang


Walter Lang
Born on Aug 10, 1896 in Memphis, TN
Died on Feb 07, 1972 in Palm Springs, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Second Honeymoon, State Fair, The King and I, Desk Set and Can-C

Dale Evans


Frances Octavia Smith
Born on Oct 31, 1912 in Uvalde, TX
Died on Feb 07, 2001 in Apple Valley, CA
Fan Favorite Films: In Old Oklahoma, Orchestra Wives, Cowboy and the Senorita, Song of Nevada and Here Comes Elmer

King Moody


King Moody
Born on Dec 06, 1929 in New York City, NY
Died on Feb 07, 2001 in Tarzana, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Any Wednesday, The Nun and the Sergeant, The Glass Cage, The Shakiest Gun in the West and Switched at Birth

Albert Finney


Albert Finney
Born on May 09, 1936 in Salford, Greater Manchester
Died on Feb 07, 2019 in London, England
Fan Favorite Films: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Night Must Fall, Tom Jones, Two for the Road and The Victors

Orson Bean


Dallas Frederick Burroughs
Born on Jul 22, 1928 in Burlington, VT
Died on Feb 07, 2020 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Anatomy of a Murder, How to Be Very, Very Popular, Being John Malkovich, Soccer Dog: European Cup and The Return of the King

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