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10 People Born On September 17

Winnie Lightner


Winifred J. Reeves
Born on Sep 17, 1899 in Greenport, NY
Died on Mar 05, 1971 in Sherman Oaks, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Gold Diggers of Broadway, Sit Tight, Hold Everything, Side Show and She Couldn't Say No

Esther Ralston


Esther Worth
Born on Sep 17, 1902 in Bar Harbor, ME
Died on Jan 14, 1994 in Ventura, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Oliver Twist, Tin Pan Alley, The Kid, Sadie McKee and Peter P

Dolores Costello


Dolores Costello
Born on Sep 17, 1903 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Died on Mar 01, 1979 in Fallbrook, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Breaking the Ice, Little Lord Fauntleroy, Glad Rag Doll, The Heart of Maryland and The Magnificent Ambersons

Jerry Colonna


Gerardo Luigi Colonna
Born on Sep 17, 1904 in Boston, MA
Died on Nov 21, 1986 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles
Fan Favorite Films: College Swing, Road to Rio, Alice in Wonderland, It's in the Bag and Road to Singapore

Edgar G. Ulmer


Edgar George Ulmer
Born on Sep 17, 1904 in Olomouc, Austria-Hungary
Died on Sep 30, 1972 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles
Fan Favorite Films: The Black Cat, Detour,

Helen Vinson


Helen Rulfs
Born on Sep 17, 1907 in Beaumont, TX
Died on Oct 07, 1999 in Chapel Hill, NC
Fan Favorite Films: Beyond Tomorrow, In Name Only, Torrid Zone, Private Worlds and The Crash

Agnes Delahaie


Agnes Delahaie
Born on Sep 17, 1920 in La Varenne-Saint-Hilaire, France
Fan Favorite Films:

Roddy McDowall


Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude McDowall
Born on Sep 17, 1928 in Herne Hill, London
Died on Oct 03, 1998 in Studio City, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Longest Day, Lassie Come Home, 5 Card Stud, The White Cliffs of Dover and The Loved One

Anne Bancroft


Anna Maria Louise Italiano
Born on Sep 17, 1931 in The Bronx, NY
Died on Jun 06, 2005 in New York City, NY
Fan Favorite Films: The Elephant Man, The Pumpkin Eater, Demetrius and the Gladiators, The Slender Thread and The Graduate

Pat Crowley


Patricia Crowley
Born on Sep 17, 1933 in Olyphant, PA
Fan Favorite Films: There's Always Tomorrow, Hollywood Or Bust, Walk the Proud Land, Money From Home and The Square Jungle

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