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6 People Born On May 29

John Emerson


Clifton Paden
Born on May 29, 1874 in Sandusky, OH
Died on Mar 07, 1956 in Pasadena, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Saratoga, San Francisco, Red Hot Romance,

Josef von Sternberg


Jonas Sternberg
Born on May 29, 1894 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary (now Austria)
Died on Dec 22, 1969 in Hollywood, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Morocco, Der blaue Engel, Crime and Punishment, The Rise of Catherine the Great and Jet Pilot

Beatrice Lillie


Constance Sylvia Gladys Munston
Born on May 29, 1894 in Cobourg, Canada
Died on Jan 20, 1989 in Henley-on-Thames, England
Fan Favorite Films: Around the World in Eighty Days, Exit Smiling, On Approval, Thoroughly Modern Millie and The Show of Shows

Bob Hope


Leslie Townes Hope
Born on May 29, 1903 in Eltham, London
Died on Jul 27, 2003 in Toluca Lake, CA
Fan Favorite Films: College Swing, The Facts of Life, How to Commit Marriage, Road to Rio and The Ghost Breakers

Iris Adrian


Iris Adrian Hostetter
Born on May 29, 1912 in Los Angeles, CA
Died on Sep 17, 1994 in Hollywood, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Helen Morgan Story, Action in the North Atlantic, Mighty Joe Young, Orchestra Wives and Once Upon a Time

Clifton James


George Clifton James
Born on May 29, 1921 in New York City, NY
Fan Favorite Films: Experiment in Terror, Cool Hand Luke, Superman II, The Happening and Will Penny

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