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8 People Born On February 24

Victor Moore


Victor Frederick Moore
Born on Feb 24, 1876 in Hammonton, NJ
Died on Jul 24, 1962 in East Islip, Long Island
Fan Favorite Films: Swing Time, It's in the Bag, Ain't That Ducky, Dangerous Nan McGrew and Make Way for Tomorrow

J.P. McGowan


Born on Feb 24, 1880 in Terowie, Australia
Died on Mar 26, 1952 in Hollywood, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Hurricane Express, The Hazards of Helen,

Bert Lytell


Bertram Lytell
Born on Feb 24, 1885 in New York City, NY
Died on Sep 28, 1954 in New York City, NY
Fan Favorite Films: Stage Door Canteen, The Eternal City, Lady Windermere's Fan, The Stolen Jools and Never the Twain Shall Meet

Marjorie Main


Mary Tomlinson
Born on Feb 24, 1890 in Acton, IN
Died on Apr 10, 1975 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Angels Wash Their Faces, Bad Bascomb, The Kettles in the Ozarks, The Shepherd of the Hills and Honky Tonk

Richard Thorpe


Rollo Smolt Thorpe
Born on Feb 24, 1896 in Hutchinson, KS
Died on May 01, 1991 in Palm Springs, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Adventures of Quentin Durward, The Girl Who Had Everything, Fun in Acapulco, This Time for Keeps and Carbine Williams

Douglass Watson


Larkin Douglass Watson III
Born on Feb 24, 1921 in Jackson, GA
Died on May 01, 1989 in unknown, Arizona
Fan Favorite Films: Julius Caesar, Sayonara, Ulzana's Raid, The Money Pit

Barbara Lawrence


Barbara Jo Lawrence
Born on Feb 24, 1930 in Carnegie, OK
Died on Nov 13, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: A Letter to Three Wives, Oklahoma!, Thieves' Highway, Unfaithfully Yours and The Street with No Name

John Vernon


Adolphus Raymondus Vernon Agopsowicz
Born on Feb 24, 1932 in Zehner, Canada
Died on Feb 01, 2005 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: 1984, Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here, Topaze, Topaz and The Black Windmill

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