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8 People Born On December 10

Victor McLaglen


Victor Andrew de Bier Everleigh McLaglen
Born on Dec 10, 1886 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Died on Nov 07, 1959 in Newport Beach, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Lost Patrol, Ali Baba Goes to Town, The Foxes of Harrow, Klondike Annie and Wee Willie Winkie

Ray Collins


Ray Collins
Born on Dec 10, 1889 in Sacramento, CA
Died on Jul 11, 1965 in Santa Monica, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Desperate Hours, Barbary Coast Gent, Slightly Dangerous, The Best Years of Our Lives and The Heiress

Una Merkel


Una Kohnfelder
Born on Dec 10, 1903 in Covington, KY
Died on Jan 02, 1986 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Merry Widow, The Kettles in the Ozarks, Spinout, The Bank Dick and Destry Rides Agai

Dorothy Lamour


Mary Leta Dorothy Slaton
Born on Dec 10, 1914 in New Orleans, LA
Died on Sep 22, 1996 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Donovan's Reef, Road to Rio, Caught in the Draft, Johnny Apollo and Road to Bali

Reginald Rose


Reginald Rose
Born on Dec 10, 1920 in New York City, NY
Died on Apr 19, 2002 in Norwalk, CT
Fan Favorite Films: 12 Angry Men,



Makoto Iwamatsu
Born on Dec 10, 1933 in Kobe, Japan
Died on Jul 21, 2006 in Somis, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Sand Pebbles, Never So Few, The Ugly Dachshund, The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell and The Great Bank Robbery

Tommy Rettig


Thomas Noel Rettig
Born on Dec 10, 1941 in Queens, NY
Died on Feb 15, 1996 in Marina del Rey, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Egyptian, Two Weeks with Love, Panic in the Streets, The Last Wagon and The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T

Tommy Kirk


Thomas Harvey Kirk
Born on Dec 10, 1941 in Louisville, KY
Fan Favorite Films: Swiss Family Robinson, Old Yeller, Moon Pilot, Savage Sam and The Monkey's Uncle

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