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9 People Born On August 28

Morris Ankrum


Morris Winslow Ankrum
Born on Aug 28, 1897 in Danville, IL
Died on Sep 02, 1964 in Pasadena, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Cattle Queen of Montana, Tower of London, Ride 'Em Cowboy, Barbary Coast Gent and X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes

Charles Boyer


Charles Boyer
Born on Aug 28, 1899 in Figeac, Lot
Died on Aug 26, 1978 in Phoenix, AZ
Fan Favorite Films: History Is Made at Night, I Loved a Soldier, A Woman's Vengeance, The Garden of Allah and Gaslight

Babe London


Jean Glover
Born on Aug 28, 1901 in Des Moines, IA
Died on Nov 29, 1980 in Woodland Hills, CA
Fan Favorite Films: A Day's Pleasure, Road to Rio, The Snake Pit, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court and Joan of Arc

Sam Levene


Born on Aug 28, 1905 in n/a, Russia
Died on Dec 28, 1980 in New York, NY
Fan Favorite Films: A Farewell to Arms, The Purple Heart, After the Thin Man, Action in the North Atlantic and Sweet Smell of Success

Simon Oakland


Simon Oakland
Born on Aug 28, 1915 in New York City, NY
Died on Aug 29, 1983 in Cathedral City, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Tony Rome, Psycho, West Side Story, The Sand Pebbles and Bullitt

Nancy Kulp


Nancy Jane Kulp
Born on Aug 28, 1921 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Died on Feb 03, 1991 in Palm Desert, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Shane, Count Three and Pray, A Star is Born, The Parent Trap and The Model and the Marriage Broker

Peggy Ryan


Margaret O'Rene Ryan
Born on Aug 28, 1924 in Long Beach, CA
Died on Oct 30, 2004 in Las Vegas, NV
Fan Favorite Films: The Grapes of Wrath, Sailor's Lady, Private Buckaroo, When Johnny Comes Marching Home and What's Cookin'?

Donald O'Connor


Donald David Dixon Ronald O'Connor
Born on Aug 28, 1925 in Chicago, IL
Died on Sep 27, 2003 in Calabasas, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Francis Goes to the Races, Francis Goes to West Point, Singin' in the Rain, Francis and Walking My Baby Back Home

Ben Gazzara


Biagio Anthony Gazzara
Born on Aug 28, 1930 in New York City, NY
Died on Feb 03, 2012 in New York City, NY
Fan Favorite Films: Anatomy of a Murder, Conquered City, Carol for Another Christmas, Risate di gioia and Voyage of the Damne

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