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10 People Born On April 3

Allan Dwan


Joseph Aloysius Dwan
Born on Apr 03, 1885 in Toronto, Canada
Died on Dec 28, 1981 in Woodland Hills, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Cattle Queen of Montana, The Iron Mask, Young People, Hold Back the Night and 15 Maiden Lane

Dooley Wilson


Arthur Wilson
Born on Apr 03, 1886 in Tyler, TX
Died on May 30, 1953 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Casablanca, No Man of Her Own (1950), Come to the Stable, Free for All and Higher and Higher

Leslie Howard


Leslie Howard Steiner
Born on Apr 03, 1893 in Forest Hill, London
Died on Jun 01, 1943 in Bay of Biscay,
Fan Favorite Films: Smilin' Through, The Petrified Forest, Gone with the Wind, Romeo and Juliet and Pygmalio

George Jessel


George E. Jessel
Born on Apr 03, 1898 in Bronx, NY
Died on May 23, 1981 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Show Business, Beau James, Four Jills in a Jeep, The I Don't Care Girl and Stage Door Cantee

Mary Anderson


Bebe Anderson
Born on Apr 03, 1920 in Birmingham, AL
Fan Favorite Films: Dangerous Crossing, The Asphalt Jungle, Gone with the Wind, The Women and My Love Came Back

Doris Day


Doris Mary Ann Von Kappelhoff
Born on Apr 03, 1922 in Cincinnati, OH
Died on May 13, 2019 in Carmel Valley, CA
Fan Favorite Films: On Moonlight Bay, The Tunnel of Love, Move Over, Darling, The Thrill of It All and Pillow Talk

Marlon Brando


Marlon Brando Jr.
Born on Apr 03, 1924 in Omaha, NE
Died on Jul 01, 2004 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Fugitive Kind, One-Eyed Jacks, Bedtime Story, On the Waterfront and The Young Lions

Jan Sterling


Jane Sterling Adriance
Born on Apr 03, 1924 in New York City, NY
Died on Mar 26, 2004 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles
Fan Favorite Films: Johnny Belinda, Caged, Ace in the Hole, Split Second and 1984

Jan Merlin


Jan Merlin
Born on Apr 03, 1925 in New York City, NY
Fan Favorite Films: Take the Money and Run, The List of Adrian Messenger, Hell Bent For Leather, The St. Valentine's Day Massacre and Illegal

George Stevens Jr.


George Cooper Stevens Jr.
Born on Apr 03, 1932 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Diary of Anne Frank,

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