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Top 100 Classic Lost Films

1 . Brewster's Millions (1914) score
2 . The Awful Truth (1929)Henry Daniell, Paul Harvey, Blanche Friderici score
3 . Heart and Soul (1917)Theda Bara score
4 . Her Double Life (1916)Theda Bara, Stuart Holmes score
5 . Words and Music (1929)Elizabeth Patterson, John Wayne, Frank Albertson, Dorothy Jordan score
6 . Treasure Island (1920)Lon Chaney, Bull Montana, Charles Hill Mailes score
7 . The Gold Diggers (1923)Louise Fazenda, Gertrude Short, Anne Cornwall, Louise Beavers score
8 . Marked Men (1919)Harry Carey, J. Farrell MacDonald score
9 . The Patriot (1928)Emil Jannings, Lewis Stone, Neil Hamilton, Harry Cording score
10 . The Romance of Tarzan (1918)Elmo Lincoln, Enid Markey, Monte Blue, Nigel De Brulier score
11 . Adam's Rib (1923)Milton Sills, Theodore Kosloff, Anna Q. Nilsson, Julia Faye score
12 . The Rogue Song (1930)Lawrence Tibbett, Lionel Belmore, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy score
13 . Growing Pains (1928)Jean Darling score
14 . Hold Everything (1930)Joe E. Brown, Winnie Lightner, Edmund Breese, Bert Roach score
15 . Hats Off (1927)Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson, Sam Lufkin score
16 . The Way of All Flesh (1927)Emil Jannings, Belle Bennett, Phyllis Haver score
17 . Ransom (1928)Lois Wilson, William V. Mong score
18 . Tarzan the Mighty (1928)Natalie Kingston score
19 . His Secretary (1925)Norma Shearer, Karl Dane score
20 . The Divine Woman (1928)Greta Garbo, Lowell Sherman, Polly Moran, Dorothy Cumming score
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