The Comancheros

The Comancheros (1952)

Novel: The Comancheros ()
Published/Performed: 1952

Author: Paul Wellman
Born: Oct 14, 1895 Enid, OK
Passed: Sep 17, 1966 Los Angeles, CA

Film: The Comancheros
Released: 1961

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About the Novel The Comancheros:

Paul Iselin Wellman (October 15, 1895 ? September 17, 1966) was an American journalist, popular history and novel writer, and screenwriter, known for his books of the Wild West: Kansas, Oklahoma, Great Plains.

His 1952 novel, The Comancheros, was adapted into the 1961 western film directed by Michael Curtiz and John Wayne (uncredited) starring John Wayne and Stuart Whitman.

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