Shore Leave

Shore Leave (1922)

Play: Shore Leave ()
Published/Performed: 1922

Author: Hubert Osborne
Born: Jun 26, 1881 Kingston, Canada
Passed: Oct 25, 1958 Nancy, France

Film: Follow the Fleet
Released: 1936

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About the Play Shore Leave:

Hubert Benjamin Osborne (1881 - 1958) was a Canadian-born playwright and screenwriter who worked in the USA.

He was born in Kingston, Ontario and attended Queen's University for two years before progressing to Harvard University. He later worked as professor of drama at the Carnegie Institute of Technology until 1925, and then at Yale University until 1928.

Osborne also worked at several American theatres, and scripted films, Broadway and off-Broadway shows. In 1928 his play Eve's Complaint was produced in Paris. This was the first so-called "American play" to have a Paris premi?re. Osborne also worked on Broadway during this period. He wrote The Good Men Do (1917), April (1918), Shore Leave (1922), Rita Coventry (1923) and The Blue Bandanna (1924).[1] His most successful works were light comedies.

Osborne was also credited in a number of film adaptations of his plays, including Don't Call It Love (1923) (based on the play "Rita Coventry"); Hit the Deck (1930) (play "Shore Leave"); Follow the Fleet (1936) (also based on "Shore Leave"); Strange Experiment (1937) (play "Two Worlds").

The 1922 play Shore Leave was the basis for the 1936 Hollywood musical comedy film, Follow the Fleet, starring Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Randolph Scott, Harriet Hilliard, and Astrid Allwyn, with music and lyrics by Irving Berlin. The film was directed by Mark Sandrich with script by Allan Scott and Dwight Taylor.

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