Farewell to the Master

Farewell to the Master (1940)

Short Story: Farewell to the Master (Astounding Science Fiction Magazine )
Published/Performed: October 1940

Author: Harry Bates
Born: Oct 9, 1900 Pittsburgh, PAhttp://localhost/phpMyAdmin/index.php?db=cmr&tok
Passed: Sep 0, 1981 unknown,

Film: The Day the Earth Stood Still
Released: 1951

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About the Short Story Farewell to the Master:

"Farewell to the Master" is a science fiction short story written by Harry Bates. It was first published in the October 1940 issue of Astounding Science Fiction.[1] It provided the basis of the noted 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still and its 2008 remake. In 1973, the story was adapted by Marvel Comics for its Worlds Unknown series with Bates' blessing.

The 1951 film adaptation was directed by Robert Wise and starred Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal.

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