Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity (1936)

Serial Story: Double Indemnity (Liberty Magazine and as a Novel)
Published/Performed: 1936 magazine; 1943 novel

Author: James M. Cain
Born: Jul 1, 1892 Annapolis, MD
Passed: Oct 27, 1977 University Park, MD

Film: Double Indemnity
Released: 1944

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About the Serial Story Double Indemnity:

Double Indemnity is a highly influential 1943 crime novel, written by American journalist-turned-novelist James M. Cain. The book was first published in serial form for Liberty magazine in 1936. Following that, Double Indemnity appeared as a one of "three long short tales" in the collection Three of a Kind.[1] The novel later served as the basis for the classic film of the same name in 1944, adapted for the screen by fellow hardboiled novelist Raymond Chandler and the director Billy Wilder.

Insurance agent Walter Huff falls for the married Phyllis Nirdlinger, who consults him about accident insurance for her husband. In spite of his basic, instinctual decency, Walter allows himself to be seduced into helping the femme fatale kill her husband for the insurance money.

A Stage Adaptation opened at ACT Theatre in Seattle on October 27th, 2011. It was adaped by David Pichette and R. Hamilton Wright and was directed by Kurt Beattie.

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