Doctor Zhivago

Doctor Zhivago (1957)

Novel: Doctor Zhivago ()
Published/Performed: 1957

Author: Boris Pasternak
Born: Feb 10, 1890 Moscow, Russian Empire (now Russia)
Passed: May 30, 1960 Peredelkino, USSR

Film: Doctor Zhivago
Released: 1965

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About the Novel Doctor Zhivago:

Doctor Zhivago is a 20th century novel by Boris Pasternak, first published in 1957. The novel is named after its protagonist, Yuri Zhivago, a physician and poet. It tells the story of Zhivago's life and how it is affected by the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the subsequent Russian Civil War.

The most famous adaptation is the 1965 film adaptation by David Lean, featuring the Egyptian actor Omar Sharif as Zhivago and English actress Julie Christie as Lara, with Geraldine Chaplin as Tonya and Alec Guinness as Yevgraf. The film was commercially successful and won five Oscars, but was a critical failure; currently, it is widely considered to be a classic popular film. Maurice Jarre's score, featuring the romantic "Lara's Theme", is a big part of the film's appeal. Though faithful to the novel's plot, depictions of several characters and events are noticeably different.

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