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Character actor, Walter Burke, was born on Aug 25, 1908 in Brooklyn, NY. Burke died at the age of 75 on Aug 4, 1984 in Woodland Hills, CA .



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Walter Burke Quotes:

Henry Lux, FBR Chief: Poppycock!

Fred Johnson: I heard that the sheriff was gonna leave town.
Henry Jackson: I did too, And at the time I heard it, I remember saying to myself, "That sheriff has his head set squarely on his shoulders."
Prudy: Well, now he's NOT gonna leave town.
Mayor Ollie Perkins: And I'd like to get my hands on whoever it was that caused him to change his mind.
Henry Jackson: Me too. Man with that good an idea oughta be encouraged to hold on to it.
Prudy: What is the matter with all of you? Don't you remember how long we waited to find a man who'd stand up to the Danbys? Don't you remember what this town was like before - murderings, lynchings, miners shooting up the town day and night?
Fred Johnson: And aside from the few things that you just mentioned, it wasn't a bad place at all!

[Henry's latest oilwell has come in a "duster"]
Billy Joe: Well, you can't sell dust, Henry. So you better hightail it up to the big city and get yourself some shoppin' money quick. Yes.
Billy Joe: Billy Joe, is money all you ever think about?
Billy Joe: Henry, I am an accountant. I'm supposed to think about money. So you go on up north and raise one million two startin' right now, or you're broke. Yes. Henry, you're a rich man... and a rich man can't afford to go broke.

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Walter Burke Fact
Began his career on the Broadway stage as a child actor. He appeared in plays such as "Up in Central Park" and "Major Barbara".

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