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Character actor, Terry-Thomas, was born Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens on Jul 14, 1911 in London, England. Thomas died at the age of 78 on Jan 8, 1990 in Godalming, England .


Gap-toothed, dark-haired, mustachioed British comedian whose exaggerated upper-crust accent, benign but foxy expression and long cigarette holder were all part of the act. He started as a dance extra, but in post-war years gained a reputation as a stand-up comic (always prefacing his act with "How do you do") before successfully tackling character comedy on film, alternately playing blustering idiots and wily rogues. In poor health in his last years. Died from Parkinson's Disease.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Film Character Actors: an Illustrated Directory).



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Terry Thomas Quotes:

Raymond Delauney: [translating the French menu in the Camelia Room restaurant for Palfrey] The brains of the calf, the liver of the chicken, the legs of the frog... the hoof of the mountain goat in jelly. Tomatoes...

Charles Firbank: Good God. Doesn't speak English? And yet, on the other hand, if one will go around marrying persons who pop out of cakes, it's bound to be, well, rather catch as catch can, isn't it, sir?

Lord Henry Mayley: I've always considered murder to be rather un-English. I mean, one's got to draw the line somewhere, hasn't one?

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Terry-Thomas Facts
He was asked by director Derek Jarman to star as "Prospero" in his Shakespeare adaptation The Tempest (1979), but his failing health didn't allow him to play this role, which was eventually portrayed by Heathcote Williams.

Changed his professional name from Thomas Terry after repeatedly being asked if he was related to stage legend Ellen Terry

The gap in his upper teeth is so famous that in British medicine there is a Terry-Thomas sign - the gap between the scaphoid and lunate bones (scapho-lunate disassociation) on x-rays. These two bones are in the human wrist.

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