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Actor, Scott Wilson, was born on Mar 29, 1942 in Atlanta, GA. As of December 2022, Scott Wilson was 80 years old.



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Scott Wilson Quotes:

Joe Browdy: We'll be jumping from a Howard DGA-15. "DGA": that stands for "Damn Good Airplane", which if course it is. Very tricky to land though. Heh heh. You're much better off jumping out if it than you are taking a chance on landing in it. This one's in good shape.
Malcolm Webson: To Browdy, a airplane is in good shape if it has wings and a prop.

Dick: [to Perry] I'm SICK of it, maps, buried treasure, ALL OF IT! So ship it, burn it, get RID of that ton and a half of garbage! There AIN'T no buried treasure, and even if there WAS, boy, hell, you can't even swim!

Malcolm Webson: [to Browdy] Sometimes I think you have a cash register for a head.

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