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Actor, Roger Livesey, was born on Jun 25, 1906 in Barry, Wales. Livesey died at the age of 69 on Feb 4, 1976 in Watford, England .



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Doctor Frank Reeves: [talking to Peter] I've got bad news for you.
June: Then why the grin?
Doctor Frank Reeves: You're going with me.
June: Where to?
Doctor Frank Reeves: [talking to both June and Peter] To my house, for two reasons, first I want to meet this chap next time he drops in and second I like a nice girl around the house and she only come to see me to borrow a book, and she's a slow reader

Col. Francis Burke: Is it gold you want? Why, I'll bring you gold from the bottom of the sea. And here's the shirt from me back, and here's me hand.

Billy Rice: You were a pretty little thing. Not that looks are important - not even for a woman. You don't look at the mantelpiece when you poke the fire.

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Roger Livesey Facts
Nephew and stepson of Sam Livesey.

Step-brother and double cousin of Barry Livesey and Jack Livesey. The Livesey family has a complicated structure. Brothers Joseph and Sam Livesey married the Edwards sisters. Sam married Margaret Ann in 1900 and Joseph married Mary Catherine in 1905. Sam and Margaret Ann had two sons, Jack (1901) and Barrie Livesey (1905). Joseph and Mary Catherine had two children, Roger (1906) and Maggie (1911). After Joseph died in 1911 and Margaret Ann died in 1913, Sam married Mary Catherine in 1913. They then brought up the children as one large family, having another child of their own, Stella in 1915. The family tree was further complicated when Roger Livesey married Ursula Jeans whose brother Desmond Jeans was already married to Roger's sister Maggie.

The British Ministry of Information would not let Laurence Olivier be cast in The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943), as it didn't want to bolster the production with an actor and star of Olivier's calibre as it felt the movie was critical of a type of British patriot and the war was on. Livesey was cast instead. A generation later he played Olivier's father Billy Rice in The Entertainer (1960), though he was less than a year older than him.

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