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Actor, Robert Woolsey, was born Robert Rolla Woolsey on Aug 14, 1888 in Oakland, CA. Woolsey died at the age of 50 on Oct 31, 1938 in Malibu, CA .



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Bob: Hi there, Jen! Doggone, what a beautiful dress you have on!
Lady Genevieve: My dressmaker says it's the coming thing.
Bob: Heh! It must be coming--because there's a lot of it that hasn't arrived yet.

Slick Foster: You were elected 800 to 1.
Jimmy Deagan: How did that one get in there?
Slick Foster: I don't know, but I have demanded a recount.

William Hobbs: How much would you charge me to call you a half-witted horse's neck?
Claude Horton: A half-witted horse's neck? Now let me see...that'll cost you a hundred.
William Hobbs: Make it $75!
Claude Horton: What do you think this is...a cut-rate drugstore? One hundred!
William Hobbs: One hundred for a little thing like that? Why you cheap, chiseling crook!
Claude Horton: That's the hundred.

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Robert Woolsey Facts
Comedy partner of Bert Wheeler.

The great comedy team of "Wheeler & Woolsey" are little known in the 21st century, despite their great popularity in the 1930s. One of the reasons likely is the fact that their films were not packaged and sold to television in the 1950s, unlike The Three Stooges and "Laurel & Hardy", who then went on to entertain new generations of fans. Bobby Clark wrote much of the dialogue, and it was very risqué and was considered borderline in the more liberal 1930s (at least prior to the enforcement of the 1934 Production Code). Their shorts were geared towards adults, and even in the 1930s, they were considered vulgar, and thus would have been inappropriate on television in the 1950s as the comedy shorts of the Stooges and Laurel & Hardy were programmed for children.

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