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Character actor, John Banner, was born on Jan 28, 1910 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary (now Austria). Banner died at the age of 63 on Jan 28, 1973 in Vienna, Austria and was laid to rest in Mauer Cemetery in Vienna, Austria.


Austrian actor who led a very spotty Hollywood film career after fleeing from the Nazis in 1938. There were a few heavily-accented bad guys, but Banner was really built for comedy and, from 1965 to 1970, found enormous success on television playing the would-be-menacing but comically helpless Sergeant Schultz in the P-o-W series Hogan's Heroes - an act imitated by other comedians for many years. It did not, however, lead to success in films and, on his 63rd birthday, Banner died from an intestinal haemorrhage.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Film Character Actors: an Illustrated Directory).



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John Banner Facts
Another bit of irony, besides John Banner being Jewish and playing a guard in a POW camp... is that like his co-star on Hogan's Heroes, Robert Clary.... John Banner was in a concentration camp prior to his release and travel out of Nazi Occupied Germany (in the early part of the Nazi control of Germany, a trip to a concentration camp was not an automatic "death sentence"). So John Banner was lucky to leave just before the Nazi policies changed.

Banner is best remembered for his portrayal of the Luftwaffe prison- camp guard Sergeant Schultz in the TV series "Hogan's Heroes" (1965). But there remains a certain irony: John Banner was Jewish.

Passed away in his native Vienna on his 63rd birthday.

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