Job Actor
Years active 1948-2000
Known for Tough-talking New Yorkers
Top Roles Juror #7, Dr. William Dedham, George Kelly, Crew Member, Charles Malik
Top GenresDrama, War, Comedy, Romance, Action, Film Noir
Top TopicsWorld War II, Courtroom, Satire
Top Collaborators (Director), , , (Director)
Shares birthday with Greta Garbo, Eddie Anderson, Rossano Brazzi  see more..

Jack Warden Overview:

Character actor, Jack Warden, was born John H. Lebzelter on Sep 18, 1920 in Newark, NJ. Warden died at the age of 85 on Jul 19, 2006 in New York City, NY and was cremated and his ashes given to family or friend.


Jack Warden was an ebullient American actor whose forceful personality and barking tones first brought him to the forefront as one of the jurors in "12 Angry Men". He was a top featured actor after that, often third or fourth on the cast list, but rarely the villain. In his later career, he took to playing eccentrics, sometimes apoplectic senior officials. He was unlucky in the 1970's when two good TV pilots failed to lead to successful series. He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor Oscars for his work in "Shampoo" and "Heaven Can Wait".

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



Although Warden was nominated for one Oscar, he never won a competitive Academy Award.

Academy Awards

YearAwardFilm nameRoleResult
1978Best Supporting ActorHeaven Can Wait (1943)Max CorkleNominated

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Jack Warden Quotes:

Juror #8: According to the testimony, the boy looks guilty... maybe he is. I sat there in court for six days listening while the evidence built up. Everybody sounded so positive, you know, I... I began to get a peculiar feeling about this trial. I mean nothing is that positive. There're a lot of questions I'd have liked to ask. I don't know, maybe they wouldn't have meant anything, but... I began to get the feeling that the defense counsel wasn't conducting a thorough enough cross-examination. I mean he... he let too many things go by... little things that...
Juror #10: What little things? Listen, when these fellas don't ask questions it's because they know the answers already and they figure they'll be hurt.
Juror #8: Maybe. It's also possible for a lawyer to be just plain stupid, isn't it? I mean it's possible.
Juror #7: You sound like you met my brother-in-law.

Juror #7: You a Yankee fan?
Juror #5: No, Baltimore.
Juror #7: Baltimore? That's like being hit in the head with a crow bar once a day.

MSgt. Saul Rosen: [Rangers are creeping through enemy territory, in a very thick ground fog] This was the low, clinging kind of fog I used to see when I was hunting duck out on Long Island... Now I know how the duck felt.

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Best Supporting Actor Oscar 1978

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Jack Warden Facts
Fought on the same card as Charles Durning in Madison Square Garden.

Moved to Louisville, Kentucky, as a youth to live with his grandparents. He graduated from DuPont Manual High School in Louisville.

Boxed as a welterweight under the name "Johnny Costello" in his youth.

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