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Actress, Honor Blackman, was born on Aug 22, 1925 in London, England. Blackman died at the age of 94 on Apr 5, 2020 in Lewes, England .



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Honor, Duty, Country: Veterans of the Classic Hollywood Era

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Honor, Duty, Country.? These famous words spoken by General Douglas MacArthur are mantra to which all the men and women in the armed forces live by. When the call of duty arises, they are the first to put country before self and risk the ultimate sacrifice to protect the values of their fellow man.?... Read full article

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Pussy Galore: [pointing a gun at Bond, who has just emerged from the airplane lavatory] We'll be landing in twenty minutes. Do you want to play it easy, or the hard way? And this isn't a tranquilizer gun.
James Bond: Now, Pussy, you know a lot more about planes than guns. That's a Smith and Wesson 45, and if you fire at me at this close range, the bullet will pass through me and the fuselage like a blowtorch through butter. The cabin will depressurize, and we'll both be sucked into outer space together. If that's how you want to enter the United States, you're welcome. As for me, I prefer the easy way.
Pussy Galore: That's very sensible.
James Bond: Besides, there's always so much going on around Mr. Goldfinger. It would be a shame not to accept his hospitality.
Pussy Galore: I'm sure he'll be happy to see you, too.
[touches the gun barrel to his chin]
Pussy Galore: You like close shaves, don't you?

Pussy Galore: I'm Mr. Goldfinger's personal pilot.
James Bond: Oh? Just how personal is that?
Pussy Galore: I'm a damn good pilot. Period.

Pussy Galore: You like a close shave, don't you?

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Honor Blackman Facts
Extensively studied judo while starring in 'The Avengers.' Became so proficient with the martial art, she performed many of her own stunts.

Children by Maurice Kaufmann: daughter Lottie and son Barnaby.

She allegedly declined a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) honour in 2002.

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