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Producer, George Stevens Jr., was born George Cooper Stevens Jr. on Apr 3, 1932 in Los Angeles, CA. As of December 2022, George Stevens Jr. was 90 years old.



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Vivacious Lady (1938, George Stevens)

By Andrew Wickliffe on Jul 21, 2018 From The Stop Button

Vivacious Lady strengths easily outweigh its weaknesses, but those weaknesses have a way of compounding on each other as the film moves to its conclusion. The most obvious?and usually forgiveable?problem is how the film can?t decide what to do with Ginger Rogers, the Vivacious Lady. Not the film, so... Read full article

Giant (1956, George Stevens)

By Andrew Wickliffe on Feb 25, 2018 From The Stop Button

Giant has a fairly good pace for running three hours and twenty minutes. Even more so considering almost the entire second act is told in summary, with stars Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Dean gradually getting more and more old age makeup. At his ?oldest,? Hudson has a bulk harness, whic... Read full article

Vigil in the Night (1940, George Stevens)

By Andrew Wickliffe on Jan 17, 2017 From The Stop Button

Still of the Night is supreme melodrama. I mean, in its first ten minutes, the film manages to establish a small English town?s hospital, introduce stoic nurse Carole Lombard and her flighty sister Anne Shirley, throw them into tragedy and crisis, and kick Lombard into an entirely new setting. Still... Read full article

The More the Merrier (1943, George Stevens)

By Andrew Wickliffe on Jan 25, 2015 From The Stop Button

The More the Merrier is a wondrous mix of comedy (both slapstick and screwball) and dramatic, war-time romance. Director Stevens is expert at both–that war-time romance angle is as gentle as can be, with Stevens relying heavily on leads Jean Arthur and Joel McCrea to be able to toggle between ... Read full article

Director of the Month: George Stevens

By 4 Star Film Fan on Mar 3, 2014 From 4 Star Films

One of the great, if often unheralded American directors, it is astounding when you look at the breadth of George Stevens work. His catalogue of films rivals those of the other American greats such as John Ford, Howard Hawks, Frank Capra, and William Wyler. His films also evolved over time as he cha... Read full article

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George Stevens Jr. Facts
Father of Michael Stevens

Founding director, American Film Institute

Wrote and produced two television movies, 20 years apart, but with totally different stories, both of which had Thurgood Marshall as the central, real life, character. The first was Separate But Equal (1991) (TV), and the second was Thurgood (2011) (TV).

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