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Character actor, Dick Curtis, was born Richard Dye on May 11, 1902 in Newport, KY. Curtis died at the age of 49 on Jan 3, 1952 in Hollywood, CA .



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Dick Curtis Quotes:

Third Gang Member: [in tomb, with Curly laying on a table dressed up as King Rutin-Tutin] Hey, where are those jewels that are supposed to be buried with them?
Gang Leader: Oh, they always wrap 'em up inside the mummy. We'll have to cut him open.
[with thugs looking away, Curly cringes, and unzips the front of his mummy costume]
Gang Leader: Let me have that sharp knife you have there.
[looks at "Rutin-Tutin"]
Gang Leader: He's burst open!
[reaches inside Curly's costume, pulls out newspaper]
Gang Leader: "Yanks win world series." Can you beat that?
Curly: Yeah, and I won five bucks!
Gang Leader: No kidding? I had the Cubs, and... WHAT?

[translating an ancient scroll]
Dr. Herbert Lee: The voice of Mara...
Master Fang: Mara is the sun god in the court of the Temple of the Dawn.
Dr. Herbert Lee: The very spot I was heading for!
Master Fang: Yes, yes - that is the Dragon Lady's temple. Read on, Doctor.
Dr. Herbert Lee: The anger of Mara will be visited upon his people. War, pestilence, famine will humble them until the virtues of man are restored. Then will Mara speak and lead his people to the path of eternal glory.
Master Fang: Wonderful, Doctor, wonderful. That tells me much; the very thing the natives have been waiting for. That is their legend - that one day Mara will talk. All will be easy now. I will make Mara talk.

Master Fang: If I can make the god of the natives talk, I can control them through their superstition.
Dr. Herbert Lee: For what reason?
Master Fang: In some secret place in the Temple of the Dawn, there are stored all the treasures of a great civilization which prospered here thousands of years ago.
Dr. Herbert Lee: It was to uncover records of that civilization that I came here, but I am definitely not interested in treasure.
Master Fang: Nonsense, Doctor. We are all interested in obtaining great wealth. The Dragon Lady has the temple and I am not able to decipher the scrolls and tablets which undoubtedly lead to the treasure. That is where you come in.

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Dick Curtis Fact
Curtis, along with fellow cowboy actor Russell Hayden, helped develop Pioneertown, a western movie set location in Southern California that was used for many film and TV westerns.

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