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Legendary actress, Betty Hutton, was born Elizabeth June Thornburg on Feb 26, 1921 in Battle Creek, MI. Hutton died at the age of 86 on Mar 11, 2007 in Palm Springs, CA and was laid to rest in Desert Memorial Park Cemetery in Cathedral City, CA.


Blonde, blue-eyed, wide-mouthed, tempestuous and temperamental singer, actress, comedian, and all-round female firecracker. Whether belting out a song in loud, if slightly husky, tones, cavorting, clowning, or emoting, she grabbed her audience by the scruff of the neck and never let go. Wrecked her film career when she walked out on her Paramount contract in 1952. There have been countless comebacks (and periods of psychiatric treatment) since. Began making Red Tomahawk (1967) but was replaced. Four times married and divorced. Sister of actress-singer Marion Hutton.

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She was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures. Hutton was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Betty Hutton Quotes:

Holly: I'd hate to have your nerve in a tooth!

Norval Jones: W-what was his first name?
Trudy Kockenlocker: You mean Ratzkywatzky?
Norval Jones: N-n-naturally.
Trudy Kockenlocker: Does he have to have a first name?
Norval Jones: Of course he has to have a first name. Everybody has a first name. Even dogs have first names, even if they don't have any last names.
Trudy Kockenlocker: Well, I don't know. I had an uncle named Roscoe.
Norval Jones: Roscoe, Roscoe, he eats them alive!
Trudy Kockenlocker: What?
Norval Jones: That - that's a snake eater's name.
Trudy Kockenlocker: Well, it was my uncle's name.
Norval Jones: Well, how about Hugo?
Trudy Kockenlocker: Oh, phooey!
Norval Jones: Well, how about Otis? That was...
Trudy Kockenlocker: Oh, phooey!
Norval Jones: That was my father's name.
Trudy Kockenlocker: Oh, I'm sorry.
Norval Jones: Well, it doesn't matter. You can call him Montmorency for all I care.
Trudy Kockenlocker: Oh, phooey!
Norval Jones: Well, what goes good with Ratzkywatzky?
Trudy Kockenlocker: Nothing!
Norval Jones: How about Ignatz?
Trudy Kockenlocker: Ignatz? You'd have to take a b-b-bicarbonite with that.
Norval Jones: Ignatz Ra-ra-ratzkywatzky. That - that fits alright.
Trudy Kockenlocker: Oh, phooey!

Holly: [Very frustrated] I send Angel for a doctor and she comes back with an *elephant*!
Angel: [Filled with sarcasm] You better let Birdie bandage up the pixie if you want to say good bye to our boyfriend!
Holly: [Horrified] Brad!

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Betty Hutton Facts
Daughter, Carolyn, with Pete Candoli.

Was considered for the role of "Delilah" in Cecil B. DeMille's 1949 film Samson and Delilah (1949). The part went to Hedy Lamarr, instead.

Daughter Caroline Candoli born June 19, 1962.

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