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Actor, Alec McCowen, was born Alexander Duncan McCowen on May 26, 1925 in Tunbridge Wells, England. As of December 2022, Alec McCowen was 97 years old.



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Alec McCowen Quotes:

Brown, House Master: How do we tackle the basic aggression which these lads obviously feel?
Ruxton Towers Reformatory governor: By channelling it in the right direction.
Brown, House Master: I was just wondering whether life wasn't a little more complicated than a football match.

Wireless Operator Harold Thomas Cottam: [bursts into Captain Rostron's cabin] Sir! SIR!
Capt. Arthur Rostron: [waking up with a start] What the devil's going...?
Capt. Arthur Rostron: [rolls over and sees Cottam]
Capt. Arthur Rostron: [annoyed] Haven't you learned to *knock* before coming in here?
Wireless Operator Harold Thomas Cottam: It's a distress call, sir! From the Titanic. She's *sinking*!
Capt. Arthur Rostron: [gives Rostron the paper with the distress message]
Officer: [comes into cabin to apologize for the intrusion] I'm sorry sir, I...
Capt. Arthur Rostron: [reads message and gives Cottam a long look] Mister Dean, turn the ship 'round. Head northwest. I'll work a course out for you in a minute.
Officer: Aye, aye sir.
Officer: [rushes away to carry out the orders]
Capt. Arthur Rostron: [gets out of bed] Now, Cottam, you're sure this is the *Titanic*?
Wireless Operator Harold Thomas Cottam: Yes sir.
Capt. Arthur Rostron: You're certain?
Wireless Operator Harold Thomas Cottam: Absolutely.
Capt. Arthur Rostron: All right. Check back. Find out *everything* you can. Tell them we're coming as *fast* as *possible*!
Wireless Operator Harold Thomas Cottam: Yes sir!
Wireless Operator Harold Thomas Cottam: [rushes back to his wireless equipment as Rostron goes to get dressed]

Brown, House Master: They certainly drive themselves hard on the playing fields.
Ruxton Towers Reformatory governor: They're high-spirited Mr Brown.
Brown, House Master: If they weren't, they wouldn't be here.

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Alec McCowen Facts
Became an Associate Member of RADA.

Was nominated for Broadway's Tony Awards three times: as Best Actor (Dramatic), in 1969 for "Hadrian VII," and in 1971 for "The Philanthropist;" and as Best Actor (Play), in 1979 for "St. Mark's Gospel."

Made a CBE (Commander Of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire ) in the 1985 New Years Honours List.

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