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511 Lincoln St.
Wamego, KS  66547
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The Oz Museum showcases over 100 years of Oz history from first edition L. Frank Baum books to the most current collectible pieces.

About the Oz Museum : 511 Lincoln St. Wamego KS

Located in Wamego is a museum dedicated to The Wizard of Oz ,[5] featuring a collection of over 25,000 Oz artifacts on permanent loan from Friar Johnpaul Cafiero.[6][7] The Museum was founded in April 2004,[8] and led to the development of several other small businesses with the oz theme, which have come to be known as the "Oz Cluster."[9] Prominent Oz-related businesses include the Oz Winery and Toto's Tacoz.[10]

On the first weekend of October, Wamego holds its Annual OZtoberFEST, an Oktoberfest-type celebration with an Oz theme.[6] The 2009 Festival hosted 3 of the existing original Munchkins from the MGM movie, Oz Historian and Emmy Award winner John Fricke, Robert and Roger Baum (Great Grandsons of L. Frank Baum), Judy Garland Collector Michael Siewert, and Author Steve Cox.[6] The festival also hosted Hot Air Balloon Rides, Tallgrass Brewery Beer Garden, the Yellow Brick Road Bike Ride, and the Columbian Theatre's Production of The Wizard of Oz.[11]

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Oz Museum: 511 Lincoln St., Wamego, KS 66547