Matches in people

Jack Hawkins Jack Hawkins Born on Sep 14, 1910 in Wood Green (London), died Jul 18, 1973 in London (UK)

Johnny Green Johnny Green Born on Oct 10, 1908 in New York City (NY), died May 15, 1989 in Beverly Hills (CA)

Guy Green Guy Green Born on Nov 5, 1913 in Somerset (UK), died Sep 15, 2005 in Beverly Hills (CA)

Anthony Mann Anthony Mann Born on Jun 30, 1906 in San Diego (CA), died Apr 29, 1967 in Berlin (Germany)

Conrad Veidt Conrad Veidt Born on Jan 22, 1893 in Potsdam (Germany), died Apr 3, 1943 in Hollywood (CA)

Cedric Hardwicke Cedric Hardwicke Born on Feb 19, 1893 in Lye (Worcestershire), died Aug 6, 1964 in New York City (NY)

Matches in movies

The Spy in the Green Hat The Spy in the Green Hat (1967)

The Green Man The Green Man (1990)

Green Eyes Green Eyes (1934)

Green Light Green Light (1937)

The Green Cockatoo The Green Cockatoo (1932)

The Green Mile The Green Mile (1999)