Matches in people

Gloria Holden Gloria Holden Born on Sep 5, 1908 in London (UK), died Mar 22, 1991 in Redlands (CA)

Michael Holden Michael Holden in unknown (unknown location), died Jul 24, 1992 in Esher, Surrey (England)

Randolph Scott Randolph Scott Born on Jan 23, 1898 in Orange County (VA), died Mar 2, 1987 in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles)

George C. Scott George C. Scott Born on Oct 18, 1927 in Wise (VA), died Sep 22, 1999 in Westlake Village (CA)

Martha Scott Martha Scott Born on Sep 22, 1912 in Jamesport (MO), died May 28, 2003 in Van Nuys (CA)

William Holden William Holden Born on Apr 17, 1918 in O'Fallon (IL), died Nov 16, 1981 in Santa Monica (CA)

Matches in movies

Scott of the Antarctic Scott of the Antarctic (1948)