Matches in people

Virginia Pearson Virginia Pearson Born on Mar 7, 1886 in Anchorage (KY), died Jun 6, 1958 in Hollywood (CA)

Sally Forrest Sally Forrest Born on May 28, 1928 in San Diego (CA)

Sally Eilers Sally Eilers Born on Dec 11, 1908 in New York City (NY), died Jan 5, 1978 in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles)

Sally Ann Howes Sally Ann Howes Born on Jul 20, 1930 in St. John's Wood (London)

Sally Fraser Sally Fraser Born on Dec 12, 1932 in Williston (ND)

Sally Blane Sally Blane Born on Jul 11, 1910 in Salida (CO), died Aug 27, 1997 in Los Angeles (CA)

Matches in movies

Sally Sally (1929)

The Mate of the Sally Ann The Mate of the Sally Ann (1917)

Sally of the Sawdust Sally of the Sawdust (1925)

Sally Scraggs: Housemaid Sally Scraggs: Housemaid (1913)

Sally and Saint Anne Sally and Saint Anne (1952)

Sally's Irish Rogue Sally's Irish Rogue (1958)