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Matches in people

Peggy Stewart Peggy Stewart Born on Jun 5, 1923 in Palm Beach (FL)

Peggy Dow Peggy Dow Born on Mar 18, 1928 in Columbia (MS)

Peggy Ann Garner Peggy Ann Garner Born on Feb 3, 1932 in Canton (OH), died Oct 16, 1984 in Woodland Hills (CA)

Peggy Wood Peggy Wood Born on Feb 9, 1892 in Brooklyn (NY), died Mar 18, 1978 in Stamford (CT)

Marie Prevost Marie Prevost Born on Nov 8, 1898 in Sarnia (Canada), died Jan 23, 1937 in Hollywood (CA)

Peggy Maley Peggy Maley Born on Jun 8, 1923 in Pottsville (PA), died Oct 1, 2007 in Hatfield (PA)

Matches in movies

All for Peggy All for Peggy (1915)

Peggy Peggy (1950)

Apartment for Peggy Apartment for Peggy (1948)

Peggy, the Will O' the Wisp Peggy, the Will O' the Wisp (1917)